Boho Style IKEA Hacks With Cane

Boho Style IKEA Hacks With Cane

Looking for boho style hacks? You’ve come to the right place! These are the best boho style IKEA hacks with cane the internet has to offer. The boho style is taking over the design world – and for good reason! Its use of natural materials, like cane and rattan, bring a warmth and comfort into our homes while introducing texture and pattern at the same time! Today I’m going to show you some of the best rattan and cane IKEA hacks out there so you can replicate them in your own home!

DIY Cane Cabinet IKEA Hack

Vintage style IKEA hacks with cane for a boho look!

This gorgeous boho inspired cabinet is an IKEA hack by Jenny from Make it Boho. I am in love with the authentic vintage oval door frames revealing a beautiful cane woven backing. She used an IKEA Ivar cabinet and completely made it her own by painting it white and adding an additional storage space at the bottom. This boho look is completed with plants and a carved wood chair.

Billy Bookcase Rattan Boho Makeover

Subtle boho vibes and custom rattan door fronts make this IKEA Billy bookcase makeover beautiful.

This IKEA Billy bookcase got a major boho makeover with custom rattan doors and a beautiful paint job. The end result is a high end looking tall cabinet that is totally custom! I am in love with the soft grey paint color paired with the natural cane material. Check out House Of Hawks post to find out exactly how they made this boho IKEA hack!

Sophisticated Cane Front IKEA Hack

Sophisticated boho chic IKEA cabinet with custom cane door fronts.

How dreamy is this IKEA hack?! This boho inspired IKEA hack was created by Fronteriors, a company that supplies trendy door fronts for IKEA furniture. I am loving everything about this hack! From the tight woven sophisticated rattan door fronts, to the hint of gold, and that gorgeous color! Fronteriors makes this boho IKEA hack with cane the easiest DIY project ever! All you have to do is order their custom door fronts and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a beautiful boho cabinet.

Black and White Rattan IKEA Hack

The best Boho IKEA hacks using cane and rattan

I love a good floating IKEA cabinet, and this one by Susan is no exception! Using IKEA’s original dark brown/black Besta unit, she cut out the door fronts and applied a woven cane material. This dark and like contrast is so popular in the boho style and I am here for it! This DIY boho IKEA hack will make a bold statement in any home.

Cane Wrapped Boho Headboard

Easy boho IKEA hacks using rattan like this simple headboard.

This cane headboard, as seen on Hunker, is probably one of THE easiest IKEA hacks with cane. So if you’re new to DIY – this is the project for you. Using one of IKEA’S IVAR shelves as a frame, all you need to do is attach a piece of woven rattan to the backside. Yes, you could make the frame yourself, but sometimes buying something pre-made is just easier! Check out the full tutorial here!

DIY IKEA Boho Cabinet

Bring natural material into your home with this IKEA hack using cane/rattan!

Looking to add a little boho in your home? This cabinet is the DIY for you! Using an original IKEA Ivar cabinet as a starting point, the folks over at Hunker created a custom cane door front and added stylish hairpin legs to create this boho beauty! This little DIY rattan cabinet is a great way to introduce some natural materials in your home.

Bold Boho IKEA Hack Using Cane

This boho cabinet is actually an IKEA hack! Create your own boho furniture with these Great IKEA hacks using cane!

Just give me a second while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Now THIS is the ultimate IKEA Hack using cane. Drew from The Lone Fox did a fantastic job with this IKEA storage console makeover. Using an IKEA Besta unit as a starting point, Drew transformed this furniture piece into an expensive looking boho dream. The semi-circle cut out reveals beautiful cane doors and its paired with a chunky leg and gold hardware. The end result is a true work of art. I don’t know about you, but I’m fully inspired to create my own high-end IKEA hack using cane!