20 Enchanting Home Gym Ideas

20 Enchanting Home Gym Ideas

Home gyms seem to be popping up everywhere now days. You don’t need to have a large space to transition any room.  We have home gyms that double as laundry rooms and home offices.  Add mirrors to any room to make it look larger.  Great lighting is also key to a great workout area.  If you’re looking for inspiration for your home, you’ll love these classic and practical designs below.


Glass Garage Door Gym Area

Door design with glass panels raising up. Good look for living room or backyard.
604 Acacia – Brandon Architects – Patterson Construction http://www.brandonarch

Mediterranean home gym design idea

Like cardio on one side and free weights on the other and having “mat” space in the middle; mat space would allow for a pull out Murphy bed.  Great for a home gym design in the basement or house.

Workout room in Plan Three in The Overlook at Heritage Hills in Lone Tree, CO.- http://heritagehillscolorado.com/overlook

Modern Small Exercise Area

Great outdoor views in the workout room.  Lots of sun to keep working out positive with shades when the sun gets hot.

Storch Entertainment Systems – http://www.storchentertainment.com
The sliding glass doors, the shades, the high ceilings.

Home Gym Idea with Pool

Exercise hot tub and pool combo with gorgeous wood beams.  Keep swimming in the workout routine too!
Griffiths Construction, Inc. – http://www.griffithsconstruction.net

Multipurpose Modern Home Gym

A small home gym with area for cardio, free weights.  Make the room look bigger with large mirrors.

Harvey Smith Photography – http://www.davebrewer.com

Climbing Wall Home GYM

Nice stairs going up to bed getting me private space.

19HR – http://www.moondesignandbuild.co.uk

Basketball Court Ideas for home

Fascinating floor pattern & industrial look.  The basketball court can also double as a running track or a large home gym used for many purposes.
Photography by David O Marlow – http://www.sliferdesigns.com

spaciousness home gym idea

Natural lighting. French doors easier to get equipment in and out.  Keep the room well lit and light and airy.
VanBrouck & Associates, Inc.- www.vanbrouck.com

Yoga room design ideas

Yoga room…With addition of book shelves and lighting this becomes a multi-purpose room.  Simply fold up mats to transition the room back or ad a few more pieces that can easily be removed.
Steve Dutcheshen – http://www.tingeinteriors.com

Industrial Style Basement Gym Idea

Basement Gym Idea. Industrial look, ceiling color and lights, floor.  Some people swear that this look makes them work harder.
Builder: John Kraemer & Sons | Architecture: Rehkamp/Larson Architects | Interior Design: Brooke Voss | Photography | Landmark Photography

Simple and Modern Yoga Room

Very simple and clean with yoga mats and bike.  The large mirrors make the room appear larger.
Photo credit: Charles-Ryan Barber – Architect: Nadav Rokach – Interior Design: Eliana Rokach – Staging: Carolyn Greco at Meredith Baer – Contractor: Building Solutions and Design, Inc. – http://www.buildingsanddesign.com

Traditional Yoga Studio

Ceiling lights. Wooden look floor with beams.  Great for yoga or lifting weights.
Dino Tonn – http://www.candelariadesign.com

Modern GYM Idea with Yoga & cardio

Yoga upstairs, cardio downstairs.  Transition a part of the house into a home gym.  This home gym features outdoor and indoor space.
Treve Johnson – http://www.studiobergtraun.com

Modern & Clean Pool Table Room

Beautiful pool light. modern and clean
Olivier Chabaud – http://www.olivierchabaud.com

Traditional Wood Yoga Room

Floor to ceiling windows along two long side walls of this room create a peaceful spot for yoga and contemplation.  Also great for workout videos.

[photo by Colleen Duffley]- http://www.traceryinteriors.com

Modern Yoga Studio with Equipments

Place for yoga equipment: mats, blocks, straps, yoga tune-up balls, videos

Marguerite – http://francislai.ca

Home GYM with Glass Entrance

Glass wall. I like how it looks apart of the home for show, not hidden away
Ed Ellis Photography – http://http://wholesalebevelandedge.com/

Simple Open Room for GYM

Simple Open room for gym concept.  Great view for working out with fresh air.
Photography by Barend Roberts and Victoria Pilcher – http://www.nicovdmeulen.com

Artistic Home GYM Idea

Raphaël Melka Photographie – www.raphaelmelka.com

Lightful GYM Room

Light coming in from both sides.  Work out early in the morning or late at night.

Photo by Karl Hopkins. All rights reserved including copyright by UBER – http://www.thedesignpractice.com



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