10 Inspiring Attic Interiors

10 Inspiring Attic Interiors

Any extra space in a house is good space.  If your home’s attic is nothing more than wasted space, you may want to remodel it.  Converting your attic into a room can be a fantastic way to fully utilize the space in your home.  Here are some inspiring ideas on how to turn an unused attic into extra living space.  A remodeled attic can host teenagers and guests or it can be remodeled into a comfy reading space.  It can also host creative storage solutions.  Unlike other areas in your home, there are unique tricks to finishing this space, which provide a lot of creative leeway.  I love working with these extra spaces because it is a designers dream canvas.  One of the best times to start working a project  like this is in Spring.

10 Inspiring Attic Interiors

Attic Interior Decor 1

Attic Interior Decor 2


Cozy Attic Decor

Interior Attic Space

Attic Interior Decor 3

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