Best Birthday Invitations

Best Birthday Invitations

Planning kids birthday parties are a ton of fun, but it can be hard to know where to start. Plus, with the pandemic going on, and big gatherings cancelled, it can be hard to know how to put a party together. Heres a few ideas on how to throw your kids a great virtual birthday party. 


A good party need to have a good theme. Choose a theme for your childs party that fits their interests- dinosaur, unicorn, princess, or pirate themes would be fun for most kids. You can get paper plates and napkins that match the theme, along with some matching decorations at most shopping centers. You could also make some decorations with supplies lying around your house and a few video tutorials, if youre the crafty type. The decorations might not be seen via video chat as well as they would be in person, but your child will be thrilled to have their party decorated, which definitely makes it worth it. 


Next, youll need to plan a few games that can be played virtually. Bingo is a good option, and you can send a picture of the bingo card for everyone to print out. A couple other fun games are charades or Pictionary, and no one would need to print anything out to play. If your kids are older, and the other parents agree, you can have the kids play games together online. There are many apps and sites with a variety of games that can be played in a large group. Check out the options available and ask the other parents ahead of time what they feel comfortable with. 


Finally, youll want to send out invitations to your childs party. I like getting my stationery from Basic Invite. I love their 50th birthday invitations for her. I got some for my moms birthday last year, and she loved them! All their cards are customizable, so you can change the color, font, or even add foil to most of their cards. Whether you need a birthday invitation, wedding announcement, or business cards, their cards will fit your needs. 


Despite the stress of the ongoing pandemic, you can easily plan a kids party by getting the right invites and decorations, and finding a few easy games to play. I hope your childs next party is wonderful! 


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