10 Valentine’s Day Crafts

10 Valentine’s Day Crafts

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day long celebration of “expressing love” for one another.  Also, it is a pretty fun holiday.  The ideas are endless for expressing love.  Here are just a few crafts that can be made with love.  Make Valentine’s Day a special day and create some project with the people you love the most.

Valentine’s Love Potion by The Idea Room

Valentine's Love Potion


Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

Valentine’s Day Crate

Valentine's Day Crate


Gingerbread Hearts Garland – Cinnamon Hearts

Gingerbread Hearts Garland


Valentine’s Be Mine Banner

Valentine's Be Mine Banner

Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial

Valentine Flower Card Tutorial


Ruffled Heart Pillow Tutorial

Ruffled Heart Pillow


Valentine’s Day Candles 

Valentine's Day Candles


Felt Flower Tutorial

Felt Flower Tutorial


Valentine’s Day Garland


Easy Valentine's Day Garland for a kid friendly craft!

Easy Valentine’s Day Garland for a kid friendly craft!



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