Gradual Deco is the brand new trendy expression on the ornament planet to the purpose of questioning what it actually hides. Principally, it’s extra a reasoned and ecological method to ornament than a mode. The thought is certainly to take your time and measure your purchases to create a serene atmosphere. And we fully adhere to this method. Nonetheless, it’s clear that gradual decoration designates an increasing number of a type of “ornament” fashion with its stereotypes, its standardization… and its arrival within the chains of “quick ornament”.

The place does the expression gradual ornament come from?

Slow Decoration, Style Or A New Approach To Decoration?


You’ll discover that we didn’t emphasize “ornament” on goal, as a result of it’s principally an English expression [ Encore! ]. That is nothing very new. 10 years in the past after we began to put in writing this weblog, we began to speak within the media about “gradual”. The thought was due to this fact to decelerate. We add – and we all the time add – gradual to every part and anyplace: gradual mealsgradual lifegradual designgradual workgradual intercourse … so why not ornament?

The gradual ornament is gaining floor

For a motion that wishes to be gradual, gradual is on the rise. The local weather emergency has certainly accelerated the motion considerably. The gradual ornament is due to this fact in vogue, in all probability extra for the higher than for the more severe. We are going to keep constructive! Nonetheless, as we mentioned within the introduction, advertising and marketing has gone by this. The big distribution of ornament and furnishings has seized on it and is at the moment promoting us slowly in all of the sauces

Can we actually speak about gradual ornament, gradual design? To this, we might say that everybody can choose for themselves.

Nonetheless, we will be blissful that an increasing number of manufacturers are making efforts, even whether it is typically advertising and marketing.

One other strategy to devour ornament

Gradual ornament invitations us to query our method of consuming ornament and furnishings. As with vogue (one of the crucial polluting industries on the earth), we should always take a more in-depth have a look at the labels of the “ornamental” merchandise we purchase. The place do the objects and furnishings we purchase come from? How are they made, delivered? What are they comprised of?

This motion proposes to take your time by asking the appropriate questionsWhat’s our actual want? Is it actually crucial? Are we influenced by tendencies? Would we wish to hold this object?

On this course of, the thought is to wager on artisanal, native merchandise, failing which merchandise are made with recycled or recyclable supplies (no melamine, no plastic, no polluting supplies). One other avenue is to purchase much more second-hand, to restore.

In brief, the precept is to scale back our impulse purchases for a extra reasoned, much less cluttered, extra practical habitat that actually fits us.