Modern Country Decor

Modern Country Decor

Rustic country décor is trendy in America.  Décor is borrowed from French, English and Swedish country looks.  This decorating includes the use of natural woods, aged surfaces, rough finishes and simple lines.  Everything from floors, chairs, baskets, furniture, candle holders, pine cones, plants and hutches can give a rustic feel.   Kitchen appliances such as pots are copper, steel or cast iron.  A rustic country kitchen will display plates, dishes and dinnerware collections on open shelves or in cabinets with glass windows.  Rustic décor creates an appealing visual effect as well as provides useful functionality.


Modern White Country Living Room Decor  (link for images 1-3)

White Country Living Room Decor

Cozy Country Living Room Decor

Country Living Room Decor Basics

Rustic Black and White Home Decor – A Place To Get Lost

Rustic Black and White Home Decor


Cozy Rustic Country Decor – Pearls and Lace blog

Cozy Country Rustic Decor




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