The Final Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care Information

The Final Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care Information


I purchased my first (and solely) fig tree from The Residence Depot 5 years in the past, and its since grown to be 8′ tall. By a lot trial and error and numerous hours of analysis I’ve learnt every part there’s to learn about caring for a fiddle leaf fig tree. Now that I’m a fig tree grasp I’m able to share my wealth of data with you all! I’ve put collectively this final fiddle leaf fig tree care information that can assist you deal with your new plant.

In case you’ve been fascinated about getting a fiddle leaf fig tree, however are nervous about taking care of one, don’t fear! They aren’t as finicky as everybody says they’re. Simply observe this fiddle leaf fig tree care information and also you’ll have many completely satisfied years together with your figgy. I’ll stroll you thru widespread questions like how a lot daylight a fig tree wants, how typically to water a fiddle leaf fig tree, and extra! I’ll additionally go over widespread issues you would possibly encounter together with your fiddle leaf fig tree like leaves turning brown, root rot and so on.

The ultimate fiddle leaf fig tree care guide

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How A lot Daylight Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Want?

Your fiddle leaf fig tree wants plenty of oblique daylight. Whereas some direct daylight is okay, your fig tree needs to be shielded from south or west going through home windows. Afternoon solar from the south and west is just too robust and may very well be dangerous to your plant. Place your new fig tree in a brilliant room near a window however with not an excessive amount of direct daylight.

Fiddle leaf fig bushes are fairly delicate to their atmosphere and so they don’t like an excessive amount of change. It would take a couple of months in your new plant to get used to your house so attempt to chorus from transferring your plant round the home. While you take your plant dwelling for the primary time you must have already got a spot in thoughts of the place you need it to stay.

Rotate your fig tree each few months to ensure your tree grows strait. Fiddle leaf fig bushes generally tend to succeed in/develop in the direction of the solar which may trigger it to lean to the facet. Gently shaking your tree backward and forward can be an effective way to encourage strait progress. By grabbing the trunk and transferring it again and ahead you mimic the wind. This strengthens the trunk of your tree and it will likely be much less more likely to lean.

This ultimate fiddle leaf fig tree care guide will help you grow your plant just like this one!

How Typically Ought to I Water A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

Ah, the age outdated query, how typically ought to I water my fiddle leaf fig tree? Overwatering and under-watering is the commonest challenge novices face when caring for his or her fiddle leaf fig tree. Watering is a comparatively fundamental ability – however it’s simple to get it flawed. In case your plant has an excessive amount of water the leaves will wilt, flip brown/yellow, and drop off. And as soon as a leaf falls off – they by no means develop again.

Light brown spots on the edge of the fiddle leaf fig leaf indicate under watering
Mild brown spots on the sting of the leaf point out below watering

This is the reason I extremely recommend buying a water meter like this one. A water meter is essential when caring in your fiddle leaf fig tree as a result of it takes the guessing out of watering your plant. This cheap water meter reads the soil moisture ranges deep by the foundation of the plant and can warn you when it’s time to water.

The best water meeter to make sure your plant always has enough water. It's the best way to avoid over and under watering.

In case you determine to not use a water meter as a part of your fiddle leaf fig tree care routine I’ve obtained some watering suggestions for you.

  • Water simply sufficient so the highest soil is visibly moist – however there isn’t any water on the backside of your pot.
  • Be certain that your fiddle leaf fig tree is in a pot with ample drainage holes. You’ll know once you’ve overwatered if water comes out the underside.
  • Solely water once more as soon as the highest soil has dried out.
  • The time between waterings will differ based mostly on the time of 12 months and temperature of your house.

Fig Tree Leaf Care

The well being of your fiddle leaf fig tree’s leaves are SO essential. Leaves are very important to your plant rising massive and powerful. Taking it again to that sixth grade science class lesson on photosynthesis – vegetation get most of their vitamins from the solar! Be sure you observe the following tips for wholesome leaves!

Misting is a should! Being a tropical plant, fiddle leaf fig bushes must be in a moist atmosphere. Sadly our properties are fairly dry as compared so one of the simplest ways to imitate that humid atmosphere is to mist repeatedly. Get your self a plant mister and go to city! I mist my fiddle leaf fig bushes each different day – however this actually isn’t one thing you’ll be able to overdo.

Don’t overlook to mud! Identical to the remainder of your house, your fig tree collects mud! When there’s a construct up of mud in your plant’s leaves it inhibits the flexibility for it to absorb sunshine. Bear in mind – your fig tree’s leaves like to be in a moist humid atmosphere. Mud will dry them out and forestall them from absorbing the suns vitamins. I like to recommend dusting your vegetation leaves a minimum of as soon as a month.

Dusting a fiddle leaf fig tree regularly is key for optimal plant health.

After dusting I extremely suggest sprucing your plant leaves. Sprucing your fiddle leaf fig tree’s leaves locks in moisture and encourages well being. To not point out it makes your tree LOOK wholesome too. By far the best technique to polish leaves is by buying a leaf spray like this one. Slightly goes a good distance! Watch out to make use of sparingly or it would seem like you sprayed grease throughout your plant.

Plant polish will ensure your fig plant leaves stay green and healthy.

In case you’d choose to keep away from utilizing a leaf spray, coconut oil additionally works nice. Simply apply a little bit of coconut oil on a paper towel and gently apply to every particular person leaf. This activity is usually a tedious one – which is why I extremely suggest a plant polish spray.

Root Care

The roots are simply as essential because the leaves with regards to fiddle leaf fig tree care. The primary factor you should look out for is root rot. The commonest explanation for root rot in a fig tree is an excessive amount of water and insufficient drainage. In case your plant has root rot, brown spots will start to seem on the leaves. To keep away from overwatering use a water meter like this one, and also you’ll by no means must guess in case your plant wants water once more!

In case you suspect your fiddle leaf fig plant has root rot, pull the plant out of the pot to examine the roots. It’s possible you’ll want to interrupt aside the soil to correctly have a look at the roots. If the soil is moist and the roots are mushy, the fig tree has root rot.

To save lots of your plant from root rot rinse the soil and determine all of the rotting areas. Utilizing a pair of sharp plant shears like this one, take away all of the mushy roots. Re-plant your fig tree in a pot with adequate drainage like this one.

Brown spots in the middle of the fiddle leaf fig plant indicate root rot
Brown spots in the midst of the leaf point out root rot

Trimming A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

In case you’ve adopted this information to taking care of your fiddle leaf fig tree you’ll finally attain some extent the place you’ll must trim your tree. Profitable fiddle leaf fig bushes will attain a peak of 8′ inside three years! Earlier than you pull out your reducing shears – learn this publish! This fashionable weblog publish is all about tips on how to propagate your fiddle leaf fig tree. Its really easy to do and goes hand in hand with trimming your tree. Don’t throw away these trimmings – discover ways to propagate them right here!

OK now onto the trimming. The most effective time of 12 months to trim your fig tree is within the spring. Fiddle leaf fig bushes go into progress mode within the spring and can simply sprout new branches throughout this time. I often trim a size of 3-Four leaves off my fig tree at a time. Understand that often two new branches will sprout wherever you chop. The brand new branches will however beneath the highest leaves of your tree. This can be a tremendous thrilling stage in your fiddle leaf fig tree’s life as a result of now you can begin to form it into an instagram worthy plant!

Follow this ultimate fig tree care guide to ensure your plant grows new leaves like this one!

Re-potting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Deciding if you should re-pot a fiddle leaf fig tree might be tough. In case you suppose your tree is getting too massive for the pot, or if the drainage is insufficient – its time to re-pot! Fiddle leaf fig bushes like their roots to be in a good ball, so make sure you not use a pot that’s too massive. I not too long ago re-potted my largest fig tree and I’m so glad I did. My tree had the next signs:

  • Some leaves had began to fall off
  • Many of the decrease leaves have been very droopy
  • Darkish spots began to seem on the sides of some leaves

I suspected the fiddle leaf fig tree wanted to be re-potted due to these indicators. Round per week after I re-potted my plant the leaves opened up once more and it was clear my fiddle leaf fig tree was a lot happier.

The best tips for growing your fig tree fast like I did.

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