The Greatest Indoor Hanging Crops

The Greatest Indoor Hanging Crops

Get able to take your indoor backyard to the subsequent stage with one of the best indoor hanging vegetation on your residence. In case your flooring and tabletops are stuffed to the brim with vegetation, its time to lookup! You’ve in all probability bought tons of open area to hold vegetation from the ceiling. There are such a lot of fashionable methods to hold vegetation from the ceiling. Select from certainly one of these DIY hanging planters to get began. 

On the subject of hanging vegetation there are such a lot of varieties to select from therefore why I’ve rounded up the best-looking indoor hanging vegetation. These indoor hanging vegetation are low upkeep and excellent if you happen to’re new to houseplants. You don’t want a inexperienced thumb to maintain these indoor hanging vegetation alive! 

String Of Pearls

Though this plant initially grows on the bottom in some components of Africa, string of pearls can also be an exquisite hanging plant. This cascading succulent grows distinctive pearls in a vine like style. Being a part of the succulent household, string of peals requires a vibrant area and minimal watering. This ‘exhausting to kill’ species is the right hanging plant for a newbie.

String of pearls succulent makes a great indoor hanging plant.

String Of Nickels

String of nickels, in any other case often called a button orchid, is one other vining succulent plant that’s wonderful for a dangling planter. You’ll discover its similar to string of pearls, and its additionally a very simple plant to take care of. String of nickels is ideal for a dangling basket, or you’ll be able to put it on the sting of a shelf like Little Lands Melbourne did.

String of nickels plant displayed on a shelf.

String Of Turtles

How lovely is that this string of turtles plant?! String of turtles, in any other case often called Peperomia Prostrata is one other nice plant for hanging. It grows very tiny leaves that mimic a turtle shell. So cool! They’ve the power to develop a lot bigger than this little man from Love Houseplants, simply plant it in a bigger pot and the vines will develop wild!

String of turtles aka Peperomia Prostrata, makes for an adorable indoor hanging plant

Burro’s Tail Indoor Hanging Plant

One other nice hanging plant within the succulent household is Burro’s Tail, in any other case often called donkey’s tail. Its arms twist and switch because it grows downward making a superbly attention-grabbing plant. Excellent for hanging in entrance of a window. This trailing succulent, this plant is simple to look after with minimal water and plenty of daylight. This specific burro’s tail succulent belongs to Paula. Should you love vegetation, try her Instagram web page!

Burro's tail succulent is a great plant to hang in front of a window.

Boston Fern Indoor Hanging Plant

Should you’re in search of an indoor hanging plant that can make an announcement, the Boston fern is for you! These ferns will continue to grow so long as you proceed to extend the dimensions of their pot. You already know what they are saying, develop large or develop residence! (simply kidding nobody says that). I’m loving this bundle of inexperienced boho goodness from Apartment Therapy, its the right plant for a big window.

Boston Fern in a boho living room

Pothos Plant (Satan’s Ivy)

Pothos plant, in any other case often called devils ivy, is one other low upkeep home plant. Occasional watering when the soil is dry and medium daylight is all this vine plant wants to remain joyful. With lengthy hanging vines and large inexperienced leaves, this plant is a superb alternative for a dangling planer. See precisely how Connie and Luna care for his or her pothos plant here.

Pothos plant, or devils ivy is another great indoor hanging plant with long vines and big green leaves.

String Of Hearts Indoor Hanging Plant

The string of hearts aka ceropegia woodii, is a beautiful trailing plant that’s ultimate for indoor hanging. Also called a rosary vine, the string of hearts hanging plant can have a silvery pink hue to it. That is nice if you happen to’re in search of quite a lot of coloration in your vegetation. So distinctive!

String of hearts trailing plant


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